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Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineering design projects have included many successful projects in a wide variety of markets.  Our expertise is focused in the following areas:

  • Building Heating and Cooling Systems and Controls
  • Piping and Ductwork Layout
  • Chiller Plans and Central Boiler Plants
  • Building Surveys and Evaluations
  • Construction Cost Estimating
Electrical Engineering

Attention to detail is essential in providing a complete design.  Our electrical systems design work includes:

  • Building power and lighting system
  • Electrical load calculations and service sizing
  • Site Lighting
  • Emergency generators
  • Fire alarm system design
  • Nurse call and emergency call systems
  • Building evaluations and electrical construction cost estimating

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Plumbing Systems

Early planning and coordination with the major building elements is key in providing a quality, efficient and cost effective plumbing design.  Our capabilities include:
  • Domestic Hot and Cold water piping design
  • Gas piping design
  • Sanitary piping design
  • Processed gas, vacuum and purified water systems design
  • Building evaluations and construction cost estimating

Fire Protection Systems

We provide complete fire protection design, including hydrolic calculations and full system layout, Engineering services include:

  • Piping design and layout
  • Hydrolic calculations
  • Fire pump design
  • Specialized systems, such as deluge systems, preaction systems, early   detection systems and foam systems.
  • Building evaluations and construction cost estimating

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